San Francisco Shenanigans Part I – Gluten Free Grocery adventure

26 Feb

This is what we found after mastering our route via street car, bus, and on foot.  Thankfully I was able to laugh, and see the most obvious positive side of this disappointing circumstance.  We will just need to come back sooner than later to this fine city where it is so incredibly easy for me to find safe and delicious food.   But initially, my very first reaction, as we finally reached the address I had entered into Google Maps……..I am pretty certain it was a palm to forehead, followed by “Are you flipping kidding me? Seriously?  Well poop.”

Until next time Gluten Free Grocery. I will be sure to call first before we make the journey.  No hard feelings.  We are still super excited to come check out the newly remodeled space.  And until next time San Francisco.  I am so in love with this city.

Stay tuned for more photos, commentary, and gluten-free adventures.


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