Gluten getting more press. Is this a good thing?

14 Jun

I am thrilled to see so much more out in the media regarding gluten.  And it is nice to know that apparently now, some people who once didn’t know what gluten was, now may at least know that.  But as of late, there seems to be an abundance of articles and dicussions being thrown about.  I personally notice this mostly on social media.  And I have mixed feelings, simply because the majority of what I have been reading recently is stating that gluten intolerance does not truly exist.  And much of what I have read also discounts nearly everything that I personally have been through, researched, and scientifically proven over time by conducting very thorough experiments on myself out of a desperate need to get to the root of health problems I was having.

During the first week of the influx of this gluten-talk, I actually started hearing from people I had not heard from in ages, just sending me FYIs about this stuff that “hey maybe I don’t know about this”.  Like seriously?  Thanks so much for pointing out that my food intolerances may not be “real”.  I’m so grateful for your thoughtful and oh so kind respect of my lifestyle and well being.

I would like to think that regardless of the accuracy or stance of each of the articles that have already been posted, or will be in the future – that somehow just having this out there being talked about is ultimately a good thing.  Even if it stings at first, and feels like I now have to defend the very way I have been living to survive for years.  It has to, on some level, be a step towards awareness simply because it is being talked about.  And if I am somewhat irritated by some of it, then I am sure there are others who share my feelings.  And if enough of us can provide accurate accounts from our own lives, maybe the future articles will be highlighting the existence of these things instead of claiming they aren’t real.

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