June is finally here – let’s travel gluten free/dairy free/nightshade free

8 Jun

It is finally the time of year where I start using more of my PTO from work to head some place on a plane, and feel more motivated to take road trips. So where shall we go this June?

My list thus far consists of:

Minneapolis, where we will head to St. Paul to drink some gluten free beer at Burning Brothers Brewing, and then consult my Yelp bookmarks for the delicious gluten free food options that I visited during our last trip.

Chicago is a must. Friends and food. It never disappoints.

Omaha is still calling us to enjoy some vegan fare at Modern Love.

And the beloved Northwest is again on the list. We were just there. But I have to go back. I have been craving Cultured Caveman since we returned home from Portland. And there are so many other places I still need to try.

What are some of your favorite gluten free travel suggestions?

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