New year. Fresh start.

13 Feb

Hope that everyone else is finding a way to start with a clean slate in 2017. I personally don’t seem to hold onto the traditions or whatever it is that prompts people to start things fresh in a new year, or a new month, or for some type of reason. I like to follow the path of my yoga practice, and simply view each breath as a new moment. And with each new moment, I have the choice and opportunity for a fresh start. This works for me. The other stuff almost seems to lend itself to expectations, disappointment, pressure, and even a bit of OCD characteristics (which I try to keep to a healthy level). So it’s every new moment for me. But whatever your personal preference for wiping that slate clean might be, I do wish you the best with how that feels for you this year. Because if you DID decide that the new year was your own new day, then it is just far enough into the new year to have an idea of what that feels like.

My current status involves following even more detailed protocols for healing. But at the same time allowing much more room for self care, self compassion, and figuring out how to still go with the flow for everything while maintaining this rigorous seeming protocol. I have a great support team, and am continuing to search for other healers and providers of wellness to guide me on this journey.

So how are YOU?  I would love to hear.

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