2020-2022: Surreal, devastating, & also amazing

26 Mar

I hope to come back to this post for an update when my brain is more focused and I’ve got the time to truly give it my full attention. But for now, I just wanted to get something out there to document the gravity of the last few years, and how it continues to still impact me (and so many others) today in 2023.

My first update involves loss and grief, which seemed to hit in nearly every category of our lives. And it just kept coming. But in the midst of that, I am so happy to say that I also found so many wonderful connections, resources, and interests that I am not sure I would have tapped into if it had not been for the loss and devastating chain of events that my partner and I experienced.

I look forward to sharing more when I have time. But just know whatever it is you might be going through or struggling with, I really do believe that it is temporary AND if you can find it in yourself to cultivate hope and some sort of connection with nature every single day — you WILL find your way to a better place. And you might just realize that much of what you thought you needed was no longer a good fit for the best version of you anyway. The experiences of major loss and unwelcome changes can show you who your real friends are (or aren’t), and can also highlight the parts of humanity within people and places that you may not have been aware of previously. We definitely experienced that.


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