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A new year for healing – AIP

9 Feb

Soon after we returned home from the FABlogCon in Denver, I immediately focused on getting myself on board with the full AIP – Autoimmune Protocol. I had been doing a very modified version of my own (mostly a Paleo diet of sorts – by default – not intentionally). The full AIP was just too much for me to attempt with travel.

I realized yesterday that I had completely neglected my blog, among many other things ever since this protocol commenced.

Things worth noting since November of 2015:

  • Begrudgingly parted ways with some favorite food & drink in order to dedicate myself to the protocol that I am hoping will assist with allowing my body to heal, and avoid further autoimmune type flares. The initial frustration, anger, and overall exhaustion HAS dissipated. I still have my moments. But I am thrilled to say that by day 30 I was feeling less of the anger and disappointment. And by day 45, I finally started feeling actual improvement in my well being & energy levels.
  • One of the things that I removed from my routine was caffeine. THAT was not fun. And I was only a one cup of chai or other tea per day, and typically only 4 days out of the week. The withdrawal and sluggishness that I experienced was almost enough to make me just opt to add it back in. But I stuck it out, and eventually started feeling better. I have been getting more quality sleep, and not having an afternoon crash on work days. I DO very much miss my beloved tea though. I like to make my own blends. And I love flavor; lots of it. The type of flavors that have inspired me to create my whole personal custom line of various chai and other dark, rich & spicy teas. For now, I am finding solace in dandelion root mixed with whatever my other AIP friendly roots & spices I am in the mood for that day.
  • My energy levels are still not the best. But they have improved. As I had mentioned, I started feeling different (better) around day 45 of the protocol. I have been able to actually make it through entire yoga classes now without as much opting out to child’s pose for extended periods of time. And I even have been able to sustain the walk TO yoga, along with the class. That was something I had not been able to do for over a year (after living in the wretched ‘mold house’).
  • I have enlisted the help of some outside providers again ; something I had not been able or willing to do for a while (mainly due to finances- thanks to the medical debt that I had acquired thanks to my insurance not covering anything that was actually helpful). I am hopeful that these wonderful folks can collaborate with me on this path to healing. This path I am on now – in 2016 – somehow feels different. I have a new perspective, and am fortunate enough to be seeing at least a little improvement, which gives me momentum. A year ago, I did not have that. So I am doing my best to roll with this energy while I have it, and hope that I can get enough momentum to really make a dent.
  • AIP may or may not be the end all be all answer for me. But for now it is what I needed to get the ball rolling with knocking some of the inflammation out of my body. I am significantly less inflamed than I was in October & November. And I am hoping to maintain this. The next step will be reintroductions, which I am very perplexed and intimidated by. This is not my first round of eliminations & reintros. I have done this before ;most of the time without success. So I am getting myself in the right mental state, so that I have a healthy and positive relationship with food before I jump into the whole adding back in that can have an anticipatory side effect of anxiety.

I hope to have more to share soon, and throughout the coming year. For now, I am finding it absolutely necessary to focus on my healing, and do what I need to do in order to maintain my sanity and hopefully keep inflammation at bay.