Greetings from my current feud with food

4 Dec

Lady Shuttlecock reporting live from the ghetto of Kansas City, bringing you the latest breaking news in regards to everything food- related, music or fake mustache oriented, and ESPECIALLY tips for those who are also facing the neverending challenge of their own feud with food.

Food intolerance? Allergies? Special diet? Auto-immune situation? Personal choice? Challenged with eating how you WANT to simply because the city you reside in is still way behind in regards to knowledge about what we put into our bodies really being a relevant thing to consider?

All of those things , & ??? more are a welcome topic for this evolving blog.  Especially once music & fake mustaches enter the picture.  As one of the Kansas City Fake Mustache Club’s food-reviewers, & advocate for those who are on a “special diet”, I hope to be able to share as much information as possible with others, & rally support & resources galore.

Feel free to send us photos of yourself wearing a fake mustache, at your favorite location that you patronize specifically due to their willingness to accommodate special diets, & support of local farmers.


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