Avoidance of the buffet

8 Dec

The much appreciated, & at one point in even my own life, anticipated work-related functions where we were informed there would be food & beverages provided.  I work for an amazing company, & they always make sure to show us we are appreciated on many levels.  And at some of these events, there is food, and drink.  Today there was a buffet & a bar.  It was AT my office.  At one point in my life, that would have seemed like the best possible scenario.

But now as I am officially entering into the 2nd year of when all types of eliminations & food knowledge that ended up shaping me into the gluten-free, dairy-free, once vegetarian (but now eating free-range meat in order to keep a better blood sugar balance) girl that I am today………the sight of a buffet no longer brings those feelings of excitement.

I do know that it is a HUGE success for me that I can BE in the same room as the buffet now.  It no longer sends me into a state of disappointment & resentment towards food I can no longer enjoy.  But I did catch myself giving a dirty look to the brownies as I picked one up for a friend who was working on a project during the event.

My saving grace?  Realizing that refraining really was NOT that hard.  It wasn’t even close to as difficult as I can now recall it being just a year ago.  I’ve come a long way with this new lifestyle.  AND then the best part? Getting back to my house, & enjoying a delightful gluten-free/dairy-free brownie from Kneaded Specialites, with some organic peanut butter, & a glass of rice milk.  Now THAT was satisfying.

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