Portland and Seattle

8 Aug

Thank you to two fine cities, who awed us with their plentiful, and delicious gluten-free food options.  I cannot WAIT to go back, when we have more time to explore.  Some recaps & reviews of places we visited will be posted eventually.  But for now, I have to go on & on about my very first cheesecake experience in over two years.  And oh my was it a memorable one.  Our very first official meal in Chicago was arranged by a vegan friend in Seattle, who was mindful of our location, & my food intolerances.  So we met at a spot called Chaco Canyon Cafe.  For some reason I was not hungry (which is a rarity), so I labored over which of the many items on the menu I should have.  Eventually it occurred to me that they had CHEESECAKE, & it was cheesecake that I could actually EAT.  I then knew that my “dinner” would be dessert.

The cheesecake was amazing.  Not only could I tell no difference from my beloved memory of past cheesecakes (which were full of gluten AND dairy).  But this was amazingly good.  My partner (who is a gluten AND dairy eater) tried it as well, & wholeheartedly agreed with me.  It was beyond just a decent dessert.  It was addictive.  And the best thing is, I ate 3/4 of it, & did not feel the least bit ill, or as if I had overindulged (which would have happened three bites into a regular piece of cheesecake).

We look forward to heading back, trying more things on the menu, AND OF COURSE, having more cheesecake.

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