Vegan AND Gluten Free Sunday Brunch in Kansas City !!!

13 Nov

I am pleased to say that my Sundays now offer something extra special to look forward to.  Every Sunday at the Conspiracy Room (at the Uptown Theater), a brunch is offered for $15.  In addition to this being a great opportunity to eat healthy, & still being able to follow my own dietary restrictions, this particular event is focused building community around health and sustainability.

This is a great opportunity to share information, and learn as much as possible.  For ME this is a necessity.   I normally feel like I only get this sense of community by leaving town, & visiting places like Chicago, Denver, Seattle or Portland.  But this brunch is giving me hope for Kansas City.

I am excited to see what this develops into with each passing week.  I know that they have plans to incorporate a market of sorts, as well as opportunities for people to hopefully order organic food, & make the location a point for pick-up.

I will report more, with photos & menus at a later time.  I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for this new brunch option.

Here are the links with additional information (including the current menu for each week)



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