Article: The gluten made her do it

20 Dec

This piece of reading really strikes a nerve with me since some of my symptoms associated with my own food intolerances most definitely were mental and sensory related.   It always makes me sad when I encounter people who are reaching out to me, maybe venting, but sometimes desperate about either their own issues, or those of their children.  And of course, if I even dare to bring up the slight possibility (I am never rude or assuming about it) that perhaps some of what they are talking about COULD be related to their diet, I am almost always met with a glare, rolling of the eyes, and a change of the subject.

Because, you know, I (being the crazy, imaginary allergy and illness weirdo freak), am determined to convince every other person that they, too , have imaginary food intolerances.  Apparently some people are SO scared of changing their own diets, or listening to someone other than their family doctor, that they have decided that I am about the same as a cult.  I am just making a bunch of crap up, eating a “weird” diet, and then trying to recruit others into my crazy world.  YEAH  – that’s it  – you got me people.  I’m not actually trying to SHARE what I have learned during years of suffering, experimentation, elimination diets, not to mention TONS of wasted money on practitioners.  I don’t want to prevent others from going through what I went through.  No, I must just be doing this because I’m a weirdo.

Yeah.  So my point……is that this article would have come in handy back when I was still in the desperate research phase.  And I would absolutely LOVE to share this article with some people I know who are most likely either going to be murdered by their own children some day, or at best – the poor kids will be put on psychiatric drugs of some sort for mental illnesses that they may not even have.

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