The Jacobson (Kansas City) – Winter Menu updates posted

21 Dec

The Jacobson in Kansas City has been impressing me since the first day I ate there for one of the soft openings.  I was so pleased with that experience, that I believe I went back at least three more times within a week.  I was even fortunate enough to be part of an event where we were able to offer our feedback after dining (which I gladly did).  Each time we have dined there, the server has taken me seriously in regards to my dietary restrictions, and then followed up with the kitchen to ensure what was available right off of the menu, or with modifications.  That was very much appreciated.  But today, I noticed they had posted their winter menu.  And this menu has some great additions (such as the coding – (which is coding I can actually SEE -unlike some places who add a microscopic symbol that I don’t even notice to represent “gluten free”).  THERE IS EVEN A GLUTEN FREE AND VEGAN LASAGNA.

I am excited to head back in, and try some of the winter options.  I am very thankful that this establishment has involved their patrons from the very beginning, and welcomed feedback.  I am also comforted knowing there is yet another new spot in Kansas City where I can dine safely.  Here is the menu.

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