Help make the best gluten-free beer more accessible to everyone who loves craft beer

26 Feb

If you have not tried Ground Breaker Brewing craft beer yet, you are seriously missing out.  And this applies to those of you who life a gluten-free lifestyle, as well as those of you who simply enjoy and adore craft beer.  This beer is top notch, amazing, AND happens to be gluten-free.

Right now, it is only available in select locations, which are limited to the Pacific Northwest.  Please consider helping out with their Kickstarter campaign (and make it snappy – time is limited).  The funds raised, if they achieve their goal, will allow for distribution to happen via offering their wonderful craft beer creations in cans.

I beg and plead, if you have any connection to craft beer or advocacy for gluten-free folks like myself – help make this happen. It is a tragedy to me that there are so many people who think that gluten-free beer is limited to what I consider to be extremely inferior options (and very little variety).  The moment I stepped into the tasting room at Ground Breaker Brewing, I found gluten-free versions of my former craft beer world I had held only in my memory.  I could not believe it  The beer is seriously that good.  It isn’t just a great gluten-free beer.  It is awesome beer, that just happens to gluten-free.

Help them out.  Help me out.  Help the rest of the gluten-free folks not residing in Oregon, who love craft beer have access to Ground Breaker Brewing.

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