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Help make the best gluten-free beer more accessible to everyone who loves craft beer

26 Feb

If you have not tried Ground Breaker Brewing craft beer yet, you are seriously missing out.  And this applies to those of you who life a gluten-free lifestyle, as well as those of you who simply enjoy and adore craft beer.  This beer is top notch, amazing, AND happens to be gluten-free.

Right now, it is only available in select locations, which are limited to the Pacific Northwest.  Please consider helping out with their Kickstarter campaign (and make it snappy – time is limited).  The funds raised, if they achieve their goal, will allow for distribution to happen via offering their wonderful craft beer creations in cans.

I beg and plead, if you have any connection to craft beer or advocacy for gluten-free folks like myself – help make this happen. It is a tragedy to me that there are so many people who think that gluten-free beer is limited to what I consider to be extremely inferior options (and very little variety).  The moment I stepped into the tasting room at Ground Breaker Brewing, I found gluten-free versions of my former craft beer world I had held only in my memory.  I could not believe it  The beer is seriously that good.  It isn’t just a great gluten-free beer.  It is awesome beer, that just happens to gluten-free.

Help them out.  Help me out.  Help the rest of the gluten-free folks not residing in Oregon, who love craft beer have access to Ground Breaker Brewing.


Countdown to Portland, OR

19 May

Portland I miss you.  And from afar, as I longingly read posts from those who are lucky enough to be in you, the grass really does seem greener.  And it was quite green during our last visit.  So green, that I have started comparing everything else TO that visit.

My goal for this upcoming Portland trip is to LEARN some things I can take back to Kansas City with me, and hopefully find inspiration that will allow me to make some positive changes upon returning home.  I’m sure I will still come back home missing many things that so far my city does not offer.  But I hope for this trip to serve more as a launchpad for what I can do going forward.  If not, it might end up simply making me want to move to Portland.  We shall see.

One of the things I have learned since my last visit, is that Portland currently has at least NINE dedicated gluten free bakeries.  And I say AT LEAST, because I suspect there are some I don’t even know about yet. And this is just DEDICATED GLUTEN FREE I am speaking of.  I have not even started my list of places that have a gluten free menu, or offer gluten free options.  Because as I learned the last time I was there, the options were outstanding.  It was hard to find a place that did NOT accommodate for special dietary needs. In addition to the bakeries, I will be visiting Harvester Brewing http://www.harvesterbrewing.com/  – the dedicated gluten free brewery that I am SO excited to finally try.

I look forward to using functional, available public transportation as well.  What a lovely and logical thing for a city to have.  I still encounter people on a regular basis in KC who see no need for it, and actually LIKE driving.   I will never understand the car mentality here.  There are so many things wrong with making that choice to own multiple cars and drive in my opinion.  So the fact that I am surrounded by what feels like a majority of humans who have taken that stance is unsettling.  I AM thrilled that organizations such as Bike Walk KC have been growing in numbers, and are making an impact.  It is going to take time.  But I do sense change.

I’m compiling my list of places I would like to check out.  Here are a few :








There appear to also be a ton of food stands/trucks that offer gluten free options as well.  This is going to be fun!