Seeking suggestions on Online Dietetics/Nutrition Programs (Bachelor of Science)

28 Apr

In my very limited free time, I have been spending countless hours researching schools.  And if I had the luxury of moving to another city right now, I would most likely already be enrolled and started in a program.  Said program would preferably meet the requirements to take the exam to become a Registered Dietitian.  Once I have done that, I have plans to obtain as much of the integrative education that I can as well.  I already feel pretty well versed on the integrative end of things simply based on my own experiences & intense research.  But I want to learn more, and obtain continuing education with as many different holistic forms of integrative nutrition and psychology as possible.

What I am asking of anyone who might be reading this is for knowledge, feedback, information on ONLINE programs where I could obtain a Bachelor of Science degree focusing on Nutrition/Dietetics completely online, and be able to   ultimately get the R.D.

I have a short list starting with The University of Alabama (Bama By Distance program).  I am interested in their curriculum , and thrilled that they have the online distance learning option.

I found a handful of others.  Nothing was standing out in most cases.  The curriculum comparison was pretty similar in most cases.  The one thing I am questioning is what would be better?  A coordinated program, where you can do your internship hours while you are earning you class credits, OR a regular program where you complete the initial classes, then apply to a didactic program & complete the internship AFTER the fact.

If anyone out there has any words of wisdom, suggestions, first hand experience, I would be so grateful.  It has been years since I really have immersed myself in this world of finding the right program.  Even though I was taking classes in the last ten years – it was simply an extension of my original interdisciplinary studies in Psychology & Liberal Arts.


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