Another Gluten-Free Holiday Season. Let this one be Stress-Free, too.

13 Dec

It is already December again?  And I had such high hopes of getting in a weekly post.  What happened to November?  I apologize for the delay, and can only assume most folks are also experiencing an overwhelming feeling of social obligations, and other seasonal type circumstances that seem to suck away your time, and ability to balance said time.  Balance is something I am seeking and holding onto when I attain it lately.  I have made every attempt to decline invitations when I know I am too tired, or simply need a break.  And I have also held to my rules of not worrying about gifts at all.  

As much as I want to share the joy of gifting to loved ones, I feel much better giving gifts of all kinds (even if that gift is patience, listening, moral support, or perspective).  And then sharing those gifts on a regular basis throughout the entire year.  I have always been bugged by the feeling I was being told when and how to give gifts. It nagged at me as a kid.  And by the time I reached 30, I knew it was something I just did not want to concern myself with anymore because it seemed to be such a societal, obligatory made-up thing.  So I am lucky in the sense that I have not put that pressure on myself, as so many other people have.   But still the overall mood of things around me, and the stressful energy of those people I come into contact with somehow still can sneak into my own energy at times.  So I have been looking to my ever reliable yoga practice to provide me with the perfect way to counteract that energy, and to provide some balance.

What types of gifts are you giving, and how many of these gifts are you giving out of some type of tradition or obligation that you maybe never even considered the why behind it?  The whole buying gifts for people at your office who you despise?  And being bullied into contributing a minimum amount of cash to a gift for a manager at work who makes 5 times your salary?  Going into debt to buy Christmas gifts for every single offspring of every single relative in your family?  These are the things I used to be frustrated with when I was younger.  They make zero sense to me.  I know people who are refraining from much needed wellness treatment because they can’t afford it.  Possibly wearing glasses that are the wrong prescription, or putting off seeing a mental health professional due to finances.  Yet they are out there spending away on multiple gifts for people.  I will likely never understand it.  But some day I hope to see more balance around me.  I feel bad for the people I know are stressed right now because of something that, to me, seems easy enough to remedy.  But then again, maybe I am just selfish.  

I do hope for everyone this holiday season, that they are able to find the time and energy to give a gift of self-care to themselves.  Whatever it takes to do something for yourself, to contribute to your own wellness, ultimately will in turn be a gift to those around you.  Because a better you, is a happy you.  One who others can enjoy to the fullest. 




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