This ginger is heading to a Gingerbread House Building party

13 Dec

I have requested that we make at least one Gluten-Free Gingerbread House.  Will this happen?  If so, I will post photos.  If not, this is going to be a challenge.  Those obligations that I mentioned in a previous post.  Well this is one I really WANT to attend because of the people involved.  But then there is another one the NEXT day, that I also really want to attend.  But it is a COOKIE PARTY.  That is a weakness for me, and I am certain that I can be no where near an entire house full of cookies (especially ones that are NOT safe for me to eat).  It would probably be worse if it were a gluten-free cookie party.  Because then I might actually eat ALL of the cookies, and then react poorly from too much sugar, and spiked blood sugar.  I’m curious if anyone has any full proof gluten-free/ dairy-free/ potato-free gingerbread recipes.  I am eyeballing this one from Brittany Angell …….


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