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The joys of July 2013

23 Jul

So far this month, which also happens to be my birthday month, the Feud with Food crew has managed to accomplish quite a bit of food related activity without going too terribly far from our home base of Kansas City, MO.

We attended a Tiki Thursday Plantation Rum Tasting at The Kill Devil Club in downtown KC.  Soon after that, we attended a handful of birthday outings, where various cocktails and food options were offered.  There was a birthday related food day/night that included two separate visits to the only 100% dedicated gluten free establishment in Kansas City – t.Loft, along with a delicious dinner at Tannin Winebar & Kitchen in the Crossroads area of KC, another gluten free/vegan dessert at Cafe Gratitude, and a custom cocktail at Snow & Co.

We stopped in at Whole Foods post birthday for some groceries, and lucked upon the Farmers & Food Artisans Road tour, where I was delighted to meet Callie England (founder/owner of Rawxies), and Hilary Kass (founder/owner of Ancient Grains Bakery).  This was a really awesome event, and I can only hope that some of the folks shopping that day, who normally aren’t buying local, or paying attention to the source of their food purchases, may have been impacted in some way by the opportunity to meet the representatives who were there sharing their food and knowledge.

Last stop thus far was in Lawrence, Kansas at the Open House for Hilary’s Eat Well.  We had the chance to meet the staff, tour the new facility, and try a variety of products INCLUDING a few new options that will be launching I believe in October.  I am incredibly excited about this particular food related visit because I wholeheartedly believe in Hilary’s product and Hilary. I was previously a devoted customer at the sustainable restaurant she used to own (Local Burger).  And I have been anxiously awaiting the next step in her food movement with the distribution of her products nationwide.  They offered plenty to sample at the event – burger “bites” of all of the different veggie burgers, along with two meat options, kale salad, veggies, dairy free dressing, dessert, wine, beer from Free State Brewing Co, and local kombucha from KANbucha.

They even had samples of the two new flavors – Hemp & Greens and Root Veggie.  I’m pretty much now in total love with the Root Veggie Burger, and cannot WAIT for it to hit the stores.  It was not only delicious.  But it was SAFE for me to eat.

I also now have quite the soft spot for the tasty little tart pie crusts from Ancient Grains that were served at Hilary’s Eat well, too.  If only I had not been so busy chatting, and soaking in the great energy there, I might have eaten the entire platter. They were even good by themselves.

I am so proud of the local business owners, who are blazing the trail in this world of REAL FOOD and sustainability.  I was genuinely inspired by every person I came into contact with at the open house.  We were very impressed with what we saw, and are thrilled that we had the opportunity to attend the event at the new facility.


Photos: Hilary’s Eat Well Facility in Lawrence, KS


Feud With Food visits Open House at Hilary’s Eat Well

22 Jul

Feud With Food visits Open House at Hilary's Eat Well

Feud With Food standing outside of the entry to Hilary’s Eat Well in Lawrence, KS.

Embarking upon The Daily Dietribe Gluten Free Health Challenge

1 Jun

GF Challenge 2013I have signed the following pledge, per my participation in The Daily Dietribe Gluten Free Health Challenge.

“I will challenge myself to love and respect myself and my body. I will challenge myself to treat myself as I would a dear friend, with kindness and support. I will challenge myself to eat healthy because I love myself and because I want to take care of myself.”

All of these words rang true to me over the past few years, as I have faced various health struggles, increasing food intolerances, and new obstacles that seemed to block my path to wellness.  However, the one thing I had NOT done, was to reach out to others, seek support, and share my experiences.  Thanks to the inspiration of Iris Higgins (AKA Your Fairy Angel),, and her blog The Daily Dietribe,, I was prompted to enter The Gluten Free Health Challenge.

This is going to be a very interesting adventure for me, as everything I have done thus far, has been between myself and my very patient, loving, and supportive significant other.  There are a handful of folks who know the tip of the iceberg category information.  But the whole story has been too much to share, bear, or even explain in most instances.

Starting today, for the next 6 months, myself & 6 other women will be working with health coaches assigned to each of us.  Every Tuesday I will have something to share via the blog post on The Daily Dietribe.  Each of us participating in the challenge with our coaches, along with all of those who have decided to join along with us, will be sharing, seeking support, learning new recipes, and hopefully learning as much as possible about ourselves, and in relation to how we can each nurture ourselves for the long term. (You can join here: ).

Please join me for this challenge. I am so very excited to be a part of this, and hope we can all reap the benefits of this opportunity.

Countdown to Portland, OR

19 May

Portland I miss you.  And from afar, as I longingly read posts from those who are lucky enough to be in you, the grass really does seem greener.  And it was quite green during our last visit.  So green, that I have started comparing everything else TO that visit.

My goal for this upcoming Portland trip is to LEARN some things I can take back to Kansas City with me, and hopefully find inspiration that will allow me to make some positive changes upon returning home.  I’m sure I will still come back home missing many things that so far my city does not offer.  But I hope for this trip to serve more as a launchpad for what I can do going forward.  If not, it might end up simply making me want to move to Portland.  We shall see.

One of the things I have learned since my last visit, is that Portland currently has at least NINE dedicated gluten free bakeries.  And I say AT LEAST, because I suspect there are some I don’t even know about yet. And this is just DEDICATED GLUTEN FREE I am speaking of.  I have not even started my list of places that have a gluten free menu, or offer gluten free options.  Because as I learned the last time I was there, the options were outstanding.  It was hard to find a place that did NOT accommodate for special dietary needs. In addition to the bakeries, I will be visiting Harvester Brewing  – the dedicated gluten free brewery that I am SO excited to finally try.

I look forward to using functional, available public transportation as well.  What a lovely and logical thing for a city to have.  I still encounter people on a regular basis in KC who see no need for it, and actually LIKE driving.   I will never understand the car mentality here.  There are so many things wrong with making that choice to own multiple cars and drive in my opinion.  So the fact that I am surrounded by what feels like a majority of humans who have taken that stance is unsettling.  I AM thrilled that organizations such as Bike Walk KC have been growing in numbers, and are making an impact.  It is going to take time.  But I do sense change.

I’m compiling my list of places I would like to check out.  Here are a few :

There appear to also be a ton of food stands/trucks that offer gluten free options as well.  This is going to be fun!

Greetings from my current feud with food

4 Dec

Lady Shuttlecock reporting live from the ghetto of Kansas City, bringing you the latest breaking news in regards to everything food- related, music or fake mustache oriented, and ESPECIALLY tips for those who are also facing the neverending challenge of their own feud with food.

Food intolerance? Allergies? Special diet? Auto-immune situation? Personal choice? Challenged with eating how you WANT to simply because the city you reside in is still way behind in regards to knowledge about what we put into our bodies really being a relevant thing to consider?

All of those things , & ??? more are a welcome topic for this evolving blog.  Especially once music & fake mustaches enter the picture.  As one of the Kansas City Fake Mustache Club’s food-reviewers, & advocate for those who are on a “special diet”, I hope to be able to share as much information as possible with others, & rally support & resources galore.

Feel free to send us photos of yourself wearing a fake mustache, at your favorite location that you patronize specifically due to their willingness to accommodate special diets, & support of local farmers.